Specialists in standard and custom made packaging for the food & fruit market.


We offer a wide range of standard packaging as well as custom made packaging, made from recycled material, for the food and fruit market.

Our range of disposable food packaging products include bowls, containers and  microwavable containers suitable for convenience stores,  supermarkets, retailers, food processors, deli shops,  restaurants, catering services and bakers.

Our fresh produce range consists of a selection of tubs, trays,  punnets and clamshell  containers; providing maximum display and freshness benefits.  These products are suitable for farmers, fruit packers and others in the agricultural sector.

Understanding customer insights

Bespoke Design

Packaging doesn’t have to be ordinary. Our team of designers works closely with you to create a customized look that perfectly aligns with your production processes and reflects your corporate image.

Packaging Options

Having options is crucial. SG Industries provides a wide range of choices in every aspect, including sizes, applications, design, and practicality.


In the marketing of products, packaging plays a crucial role that continues to grow in importance. The attention value of packaging is influenced by factors such as the choice of material, printing techniques, design elements, and decorative touches.


Green entrepreneurship encompasses not only sustainable practices in business but also extends to adopting green packaging and embracing circular thinking. Collaboratively with our clients, we strive towards building a sustainable world by continuously implementing environmentally-friendly solutions in our packaging.


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Our dedicated sales team is ready to take your idea through to production.

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