Vegatable Packaging

At SGI, we understand that freshness and logistics are key factors in the success of our products. We strive to meticulously consider every aspect of the distribution chain, starting from the greenhouse or field all the way to the store shelf.

With a wide variety of vegetables and packaging options available, both in terms of design and materials, we aim to provide excellent service and ensure reliable delivery. Thanks to our two warehouses, we are always well-stocked and able to fulfill orders promptly. Additionally, we take into consideration seasonal variations and customer demand. Above all, we pride ourselves on keeping our promises to our valued customers.

Understanding customer insights

Bespoke Design

Packaging doesn’t have to be ordinary. Our team of designers works closely with you to create a customized look that perfectly aligns with your production processes and reflects your corporate image.

Packaging Options

Having options is crucial. SG Industries provides a wide range of choices in every aspect, including sizes, applications, design, and practicality.


In the marketing of products, packaging plays a crucial role that continues to grow in importance. The attention value of packaging is influenced by factors such as the choice of material, printing techniques, design elements, and decorative touches.


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